Shortcut step that allows for multiple options?

I made a shortcut that via Pushcut notifies me to send a pre-written message to a specific person at a specific time during the day.

What’s the variable or what it’s called to allow for
multiple options in sending those message so that it’s not the same message being sent each day. Does anyone know?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

I’m not entirely sure if I am properly understanding what you want. Are you looking for a prompt and then choose from messages? Here’s how I have a calendar one set up, if that helps.

In this example, each prompt then leads to a different shortcut being run. There’s also a way to use a dictionary step, although that’s a bit more involved.

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Yeah a prompt with a selection of different messages to choose from

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I tried to set up a menu and the menu seems to go well, but the result of the choice in the menu doesn’t get copied to the Send message dialogue that pops up at the end. The message field is just empty.

How do I get the result of the chosen menu item to populate the send message field at the end?

It’s hard to tell from that image, but you need to put a “Send” step under each of the blue icon steps, instead of at the end.

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Thank you for your reply, Evan. I can’t really insert anything after any of those blue boxes for some reason.

It all seems to work fine except the menu I choose doesn’t get copied in the end to the text message dialogue and populate the send field

You need a list instead of a menu.

Also, please be aware that the shortcut you shared contains the phone number of your intended recipient. You may want to edit your comment to remove the link. Unless of course that’s on purpose.

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Thanks that worked :slightly_smiling_face:
And thanks for heads up! I deleted it

Big help thanks!

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