Shortcut that Creates/Appends a Daily Note in Apple Notes

Hi All

I need a shortcut that I can run on my iphone that will create a daily note with the name “yyyy-mm-dd” and add any text I write with a prefix “HH:mm”. If the daily note already exists I need the shortcut to append the text to today’s daily note.

I want to be able to use the shortcut throughout the day to capture notes.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Sounds more like an app than a shortcut. Found this app after googling “how to keep daily log on an iPhone.”

It’s aimed at the construction industry but it’s free and may work for you.

Searching for “shortcut for creating a daily Apple Note” I found this

Should be able to quickly modify that to prompt for text and the time stamp you’re looking for


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Thanks for that, but I need the notes in Apple notes as that’s not their final destination and my workflow only works with Apple notes.

That gets me most of the way there, thank you. I may need to create one shortcur for creating a note and another for appending.

Very quick run at it and not tested, but something like this should help for the basics.

Running from a Mac seems to have a problem opening an existing Note, so this is i*OS.

Hope this helps.

You could also use Markdown in your Shortcut entry and then add a Make Rich Text from Markdown action before sending the result to your Apple Note; this will format correctly in Apple Notes. Again, this is currently not working on macOS — the Make Rich Text action seems to just hang.

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With some minor edits, this one does the job, thank you!

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Glad it worked for you.

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