Shortcut to check for App Store Updates?

Does anybody have access to or can create a shortcut that checks for App Store updates?

I’m such a nerd, with apparently too much time, that I regularly check (and read) about what updates are available and what they bring.

But that entails a lot of steps. A fast and easy shortcut would be cooler. Anyone?

Just have Safari open


Credit to Federico Viticci for that one.


How do I turn that in to a shortcut The best way?

You can download it here: App Store: Updates.

I found it along with many, many others at the MacStories Shortcuts Archive which is definitely a place to bookmark and revisit.


Thanks TJ. It’s on my ever-increasing todo list

Quick question: Does adding a Shortcut to the Home Screen make it easier for it to show up when hitting Cmd + Space to type and find it?

I can find my Shortcuts by name even if I don’t put them on the Home Screen.

For example, I have a “Merge Photos” shortcut which is in Shortcuts but not on the home screen, and here I’ve searched for “Merge”:

Now, I’ll admit that I did have to scroll down to get to the Shortcuts (I wish I could re-order Spotlight results), but it’s there.

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Yeah that’s the thing. I also often gotta scroll down through a lot of things, unless the shortcut’s name is very unique. I guess that’s one option. But take for example the App Store Updates Shortcut. I have scroll past the App Store in the results to get to that shortcut… sort of defeats the purpose

I’ve been using Haptic Touch on the App Store icon, but if it’s buried in a folder, that’s a bit of a pain.

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Rename this shortcut to something like App Updates then just use Siri. Very fast, very easy!

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Sort of is