Shortcut to email articles as PDFs?

I often have to email an article from a news site on Safari and the steps I currently do are:

  1. Share sheet
  2. Print
  3. Enlarge (pinch out, the MacSparky trick) the printed area
  4. Share sheet
  5. Mail
  6. Enter the same recipient’s name again
  7. Send email

Can anyone help put together a workflow, I imagine some sort of Shortcut to do this process with a single step?

It shouldn’t be too difficult to modify these by @ryanjamurphy to do what you want?


Managed to add the email steps (quite proud of myself) with amazing results! Just what I was looking for except it goes inline in the email instead of an attached pdf. But it’s fine. It looks very cool and just one tap and a 10 seconds it’s there. What a joy Shortcuts is! Thanks!

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I guess the dream solution was like having Alfred on iOS where one could type the query and hit enter to have it automatically be searched on the specific site.

LOL… For those of us who are not Shortcuts nerds, can someone modify it to complete the steps the OP asked about and without using Devonthink?

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I’ll even make it simpler
This one should work as well, just two steps

  1. Create pdf from input
  2. Email

It’s in the share menu “mail pdf”