Shortcut to Import Scanned PDF into Specific Notability Documents?

Hi all,

I asked this question on the Automators Forum, but didn’t receive a response so thought I would post here as well.

I often take notes by hand and then scan them to pdf and import them to specific notes/documents in Notability. I know I can take notes in Notability on my iPad (and I do that at times), but there are times when I need (or prefer) to take analog notes and then import later.

I would love to use a Shortcut where I click share from a scanned pdf of notes and then the Shortcut opens Notability, asks which to which note/document the scanned pdf should be appended, and then imports the scanned pdf into that note/document. An alternative would be to use a sheet of NFC tags linked to specific documents and trigger the shortcut from those tags.

Is this possible? If so, any thoughts/suggestions on how to get started with the shortcut?


Hi @hawks28

Notability does not seem to have any interoperability with Shortcuts, however it does have a share sheet action: from your scanned pdf document, select share and then click on Copy to Notability (you may need to hit the ellipses (…) to see it). This gives you the option of creating a new note from your import or adding it to an existing document and then presents you with a list of your Notability documents to choose from. That seems to do what you are after without needing Shortcuts.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Tony. That’s what I do now. I was hoping there might be a way to specify a specific note (or notes) in a Shortcut. I have a number of notes in Notability and it would be nice to have a specific note be automatically selected via the Shortcut (or perhaps select from a few specific notes rather than all available notes).

I’ll reach out to the Notability team and perhaps they’ll add some Shortcut functionality in a future enhancement.