Shortcut to launch an app based on location?

We have installed a new security system that enables one to open the building doors with the wave of a hand in front of a sensor based on an iPhone app, bluetooth and security code. The app is pdk touch:

I want a shortcut that will launch the app when I arrive at work. I could keep the app running but I suspect that will have some impact on the battery. I could, of course, pull my phone out of my pocket while juggling my coffee and laptop bag, (and umbrella if its raining) but I’d rather not spill my coffee. :laughing:

Can Shortcuts launch apps upon arriving at a location?

You can use Focus Modes location trigger and set the iPhone to open this app whenever your Work FM activates.

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The “Automation” section of have trigger upon “Arriving” and “Leaving” a particular location. Then you can add action to “Open …” a specific application.

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Thanks, I’d forgotten about the automation feature in Shortcuts. I’ll set that up and see if it works. Thanks again.