Shortcut to open 2 instances of Files app in split view on iPad

Is there a trick to getting the Shortcuts app to open 2 instances of the Files app in split view? I can create a shortcut to open Files and another app in split view, but when I try to with Files in both slots, it just opens Files in full screen. Here’s the Shortcuts step that doesn’t work:

Background: When I need to backup settings from my camera’s SD card to my Mac, or vice versa, I have a shortcut that arranges two Finder windows on my Macs open to the proper folders. I’m trying to do the same on my iPad, using a single shortcut and some if/then statements to detect the device (although the Mac part of the shortcut just triggers a Keyboard Maestro macro to arrange the windows and go to the proper folders, as opposed to doing it all in Shortcuts).

If you open two instances of files side by side manually they will normally stay that way, until you close one. I just swipe up to get back to the desktop when I’m finished working with the

What happens if you setup Files and something else, then try to open Files to replace the something else?

Apparently you can create multiple paired windows using the same app.

The OP isn’t saying you can’t, just that doing it in one action in Shortcuts leads to one instance of Files rather than 2

Oops. I thought you were asking a separate question.

I’ll check this out - not sure if there’s an action to replace a paired app or not. (EDIT: if there is one, I can’t find it, unfortunately)