Shortcut to play random (shuffle) songs from playlist

Feeling a bit dense here!.. I’m trying to make a very simple shortcut to play a playlist from Apple Music, shuffling the songs so I get random order. Here is what I did, but it starts with the same song and order every time I run the shortcut. What am I missing?!- Thnx!

I think you’re doing it right. I can shuffle albums and playlists with the same action (tried a dozen times or so to make sure it was changing the order each time. Eventually made Apple Music crash and stop serving me song data for a bit. Humorous.)

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Thanks much cornchip… you gave me an idea… I see that you tried this on iOS, looking at your screenshot… So I just tried it on my iPhone, and it DOES shuffle correctly. BUT, on my Mac, it doesn’t- just starts with the same song each time… perhaps a bug on the Mac side??

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I just tried my Shortcut for this I’ve been using for years on my iPhone, and it doesn’t shuffle on the Mac.
I tried a few work-arounds I could think of, but I can’t see one myself.

I have used Keyboard Maestro for this sort of thing and someone in either this group or the Automators Talk group gave me a short AppleScript to do what I wanted:

tell application “Music”

set shuffle mode to songs
set shuffle enabled to yes

end tell

You can set the shuffle mode to songs or albums.

I hope this is helpful! Good luck!



Thanks- was actually able to use KM to simply play a random song from a playlist (this is a specific action there)… would still like to understand though why my Jazz shortcut works to generate a random song on iOS, but not Mac!

I figured out a way to do it!
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 5.04.38 PM


Thanks for posting this. Will try tonight. Welcome to the community.

Thanks a lot, really helped!!