Shortcut to post to your Wordpress blog from Apple Notes


I’ve started to look more at Apple Notes for all of my blog posts and wanted to see if I could post to Wordpress from Apple Notes using a shortcut.

Here’s my attempt.


Nice. If you have the WordPress app installed you can also publish from Notes to the WP share extension which seems to work pretty well with the exception that it places your text into a block quote by default though it’s easy to remove that. Also, it does not do formatting. Your Shortcut is great for that.

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This is potentially very useful. I use Drafts to post text posts to my blog but I also post many images, and Drafts is no help there.

The Wordpress share extension is nearly useless. I wonder if the people developing that extension actually use it. Feh.


From what I can tell if you use the shortcut you have the option to choose text or image but not both.

That said, I mentioned above that it’s also post from notes right to the Share Extension for WP without a shortcut and that will post images and text together. But, no processing of your markup.

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Thanks, sounds like I need to tweak it.


I’ve used drafts to post text to WP. But, Ulysses handles featured images and gets other photos posted and roughly positioned. Inserts tags and categories… new version does more with images but I haven’t used it yet.

On a podcast, I heard there are shortcuts to get better publishing from Drafts. Could have been supercomputer with Rosemary Orchard as guest. This memory is hazy so no promises.


I mostly use my self-hosted wordpress blog as a linkblog. Wordpress is overkill for that but I haven’t found an alternative I prefer.