Shortcut to resize images for app icons

It is extremely annoying and error prone to resize an image 13 times to make icons for Xcode… so here’s a shortcut that does it for you. I’m sure I missed a more clever way to do this, so improvements are more than welcome.

Hope this helps someone.

I used to do this with Automator, then discovered this and have used it for the last year.

Icon Set Creator by Nicolas Miari


Here is a modified version of your shortcut that takes advantage of a dictionary. Add to the dictionary (as an array) for the rest of your icon sizes. I hope this helps


Thank you very much Brainyliving. I knew there had to be a better way. Here is the shortcut with the additional sizes added. I added an extra loop to account for the resizing of non-square images. Thank you again.

@scottcoulter in the spirit of another iteration, here is V4 :smile:

You can take advantage of an IF statement to check for non-square Width and Height. Allows you to just maintain one dictionary with simplified logic.

Just sharing in the spirit of offering another way to approach the logic. I hope this helps — jay