Shortcut to save text to Obsidian

I want to create a shortcut that does the following:

  1. Opens iCloud and automatically selects the Parent Obsidian folder
  2. Has me select the child Obsidian folder I want
  3. Once the above is selected, creates a new Obsidian note in the folder and pastes the clipboard to it

I know I’m pathetic but I can’t get passed the first step. :slight_smile: I’ve searched actions for folder, clipboard, iCloud, and save as but I can’t find an action that will allow me to accomplish steps 1 and 2, let alone 3.

The purpose of this shortcut is to enable me to quickly paste text I’ve saved to the clipboard to a new Obsidian note in the correct vault.

Is this possible?

First Action in Shortcut

BTW, an Obsidian Share Extension seems to be on the Obsidian roadmap.

In iOS 14, Shortcuts only has access to the iCloud/Shortcuts/ folder. It can’t see/interact with the Obsidian folder unless you manually select it each time.

In iOS 15, Shortcuts finally has full access to the file system.

Well, that’s two pieces of good news.

  1. it really isn’t me. :slight_smile:

  2. things may get better soon. :slight_smile:

You can achieve that using ToolBox Pro “save to bookmarked folder” action.

If you use shortcuts a lot it’s a very useful app (and should remain so even after iOS 15)


And if you use Hazel on a Mac, presumably you can have it watch a sub folder of your iCloud/Shortcuts folder, then move new items to your Obsidian vault. Also a workaround with drawbacks, but maybe useful.

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Thanks @memex and @tf2, much appreciated! I’ll give both recommendations look.


I put together a shortcut for this and showed it off on YouTube. You can download it in the show notes. It does use ToolBox Pro and a bookmarked folder.

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@curtismchale It is great to see your reply! I did not realize you were on this forum. I have watched a lot of your videos, including your experimentations with both Craft and Obsidian—the same journey I’ve been on. :slight_smile: I learn a lot from your videos!

At any rate, thanks. That shortcut is exactly what I want to do.

My ask one other question? I have four vaults, not just one. I had also thought about creating an Obsidian Inbox to use just as you demonstrated but this doesn’t help me if I have more than one vault (unless I setup four separate shortcuts, which I could do). Do you find yourself using just one vault or many? My four vaults are: 1) a work vault (meeting notes, etc.), 2) vault for a graduate course I teach, 3) a vault for book research, and 4) a general personal reference vault.

Curtis’ shortcut does the trick, but from iOS15 it would be trivial as shortcuts can then access any part of the filesystem

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Nope I just use one vault that covers everything from my work for a number of clients to my reading and creating courses.

And yes, iOS 15 means you don’t need Toolbox Pro anymore.

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Thanks, I’ll try an experiment with everything in one vault.

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I put everything in one vault. Takes away a lot of steps to access data.

Indeed, I just finished up that process early this morning. I also added an Inbox so I can throw quick notes/documents into that folder for later triaging.

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 10.31.42 AM