Shortcut Triggered from screenshot or saved video?

I want to be able to do things with screenshots like send to Slack or add to a folder in photos. Is that an option to trigger a shortcut with a screenshot or something like that?

On which device(s) do you want to do this?

iPhone/iOS, ideally since that is where most of the “doing” is happening, but could be flexible. I’m a Hazel user

You can also think of this slightly the other way around – trigger an automation to take the screenshot and then process it.

You could run the following Shortcut:

Screenshot Processor Sample

and add whatever options you want to the menu. You could also set the automation to run from a back tap (Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap > Double (or Triple) Tap) so that you get the screen shot of whatever is currently on the screen. This could also be achieved utilising the side Action Button if you are on an iPhone 15 series phone.

Hope this helps.

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Great alternative way to handle screenshots! Thanks!

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