Shortcuts a Total Mess in iOS 15?

After watching the MacSparky webinar about focus, I decided to finally dive into Shortcuts and learn how to use it. I’m having a really hard time doing basic things, like changing names of variables or deleting action steps. How could something like this even ship?

Yep. They rewrote the app with SwiftUI in iOS 15. Which wasn’t very necessary but they did it anyway. It’s been a big mess since the betas. I want to use all the new 15 features but am holding off upgrading until it becomes more stable. If it ever does before iOS 16.


I understand why they would want to do that. Just one code base to maintain, but they could’ve kept the old iOS code around until the worked out the bugs on the macOS version.

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This is something I’m keeping eyes on myself. There’s a handful of Shortcuts I use multiple times a day, and a number of others I use less frequently but still depend on to make things easier. I’ve been avoiding upgrading to 15 until all (most?) of the bugs I’ve heard about are in some way resolved. There’s no telling how long that’ll take though.

I picked up a 2018 12.9” iPad recently (yep— old but good…) that dragged me into iPadOS 15 during set up. As expected, some shortcuts just don’t work, and I don’t even dare open the app on the new iPad for fear of breaking things for any of my other iOS devices (which remain on 14.8.1).

I’m sure the Shortcuts team is under a heavy load, but it does feel as if Shortcuts needs some love sooner rather than later. As with any other app, it’s hard to trust something you’ve sunk hours into and managed to set up in a way that works, only to have it broken by an upgrade with little to no acknowledgement.

Of course, I’m hoping fixes arrive in a reasonable span, but in the meantime, I’d find a user-supported list of issues really helpful. When I was trying to decide whether my shortcuts might survive the upgrade I scoured a few forums and sub-Reddits, but it was hard to build up a picture of what was actually broken, what the workarounds might be, and whether new releases actually fixed anything. Half considered setting up some kind of crowd-sourced database in Notion to help keep track…