Shortcuts and the Apple Watch

Something minor that regularly annoys me: I can’t seem to trigger Shortcuts with Siri on my Watch.

“Resume Overcast” is a phrase that does what it says. 100% success rate on the phone. On my Watch, it is 0%. Instead I always get the message that I don’t have that app installed. (As an aside, that’s odd too, because I do have Overcast on the watch…)

Am I missing something?

What OS versions? I’m getting “Shortcuts is currently unavailable on Apple Watch” on 13.1 and 6.0 with “Hey Siri Overcast play.” And indeed, Shortcuts is completely absent from the Watch app and the Watch itself. Odd. Will it reappear when a companion Watch update for iOS 13.1 comes out?

Shortcuts itself has been missing roughly since Apple bought Workflow, if I remember correctly.

But I didn’t think that meant Shortcuts wouldn’t work at all!

Hmm. From Matthew Cassinelli:

When iOS 13.1 drops, Siri Shortcuts work on iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, HomePod, and CarPlay.

I need to do a restore anyway. Maybe that’ll fix this.

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Reset and restore didn’t help.

I’ve found other references to this problem across the web (e.g., on Reddit and MacRumors). Seems like it’s a problem across the board.

Has anyone successfully invoked Shortcuts on the Watch?

From Rose over on Automators, this is a known issue.

The latest WatchOS enables Siri-activated Shortcuts via the watch. Conversational shortcuts work really well.