Shortcuts + Apple Podcasts - Get episode name

Hey all,

After some research I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this with Apple Podcasts App (overcast has it covered).

If I’m driving and I want to take a note for the podcast I’m listening to, any idea how I would get the shortcut to ‘get episode details’, basically just the name?

I then transfer all of these to a note so I can reference back later.


Say “Hey Siri, remember this podcast” and the title of the podcast will be added to your default list in Reminders.

  • If you are using Apple Podcasts. I don’t know if it works with any others.
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Hey WayneG, I get Siri to fire, she dictates the show title to me, but doesn’t save?

Any idea how I could ‘continue’ this shortcut? Add it to notes instead of reminders?

It doesn’t look like Siri will “remember” to Notes. And it turns out it doesn’t always save to Reminders.

I guess I’ve been lucky in the past. Siri has failed to save the podcast name several times in the past hour. I won’t be recommending it to anyone again. Sorry.

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No worries! Thanks for trying,

It’s odd because when I opened a new reminder, there it was pasted into as the reminder name!

So maybe you ask Siri first to remember the name, and then to open up a new reminder?