Shortcuts for Mac and Setapp Apps

This is a crosspost from the Automators forum.

I’m a Setapp subscriber. I noticed that none of my Setapp apps show up in the list of applications in Shortcuts for Mac. Instead, if I have an existing Shortcut (made on my iPad) that references an app (e.g., Due), Shortcuts prompts me to purchase the app from the Mac App Store. Is there a workaround for this?

Look at your Applications folder. If the Setapp apps are in the Setapp folder, try moving them out to the Applications folder itself, then try Shortcuts. I’m just guessing, though.

Thanks for the response. It turns out that I’m just an idiot. Due is actually the only Setapp app that doesn’t show up in Shortcuts for me — the other apps (that have Shortcuts support) do show up.