Shortcuts "Get webpage from Safari" action is broken for everybody?

I have several shortcuts that get the current webpage from Safari and then process that information in various ways. But Shortcuts appears to be broken in some recent update. Despite having plenty of Safari pages open and despite invoking the shortcut from the Safari share menu, I get the error:

“No web page is currently open in Safari”

(I’ve tried all the usual fixes—closing/opening shortcuts, closing opening Safari, creating a new shortcut that has just the single step “Get web page from Safari”, even restarting—all to no avail.)

I think I saw somebody else complaining about this on mastodon, but I am curious if this affects everyone or only some subset of users and, if the latter, what might be the reason.

I know there are at least a couple folks on Reddit with this issue. But nobody else here uses this action? I’m just trying to determine if it really is broken for everybody or if it’s just some tiny subset of users.

FWIW, this has been fixed in Sonoma 14.5.