Shortcuts help needed - rename open pdf and file it to a specific folder in iOS

What seems straightforweard and simple has me stumped: when I open an email attachment in a pdf format on either my iPhone or iPad, all I wish to do is rename the file (that I’m looking at- is open) and move it to a specific folder. Thus far I have not been able to figure out how to do this.

I have found workflows that open a file from a given destination, then renames it and moves it, but still cannot do the simple task I wish.

Can someone share the way?

Thanks in advance…

You should be able to save any file through the share sheet with this:


Thank you very much. This is not working for me- I do not get any chance to tell where to store the file. I’ve tried changing the service to Dropbox, but it does not work with either iCloud or Dropbox.

I’ve tried both the settings to let me direct the storage location AND to store to a designated folder. Neither works for either iCloud or Dropbox.

Any ideas?

Thank you now for your help.

Peter Grogan

Are you sharing a file to this shortcut?

I’m not sure I understand your question so I’ll explain:

I open an attachment from an email, the attachment happens to be a pdf. I then attempt to rename and file the attachment with the shortcut I run from the share sheet in the open attachment.

For what it is worth the file rename part of the shortcut runs, but then the shortcut seems to quit.

What does “sharing a file to this shortcut” mean please?

Using the share sheet as you described. The shortcut is working for me so I’m not sure what’s wrong with it :frowning:

Thank you for all your help. I’ve had some success now and will test more: I re-booted the iPad after a full shutdown and several minute wait. Also closed everything open first - all apps (I’m told this should not make any difference, however still did so).

Dropbox seems glitchy. iCloud and things on the iPad seem to work. One strange thing is that if the file is a pdf and has been run through OCR, the entire contents of the file shows in the first step of naming the file (the name field is populated with a string of text of the entire pdf).

So, I’m wondering if the iOS 12.1 rumored to be coming out will address some of these issues. We’ll see.