Shortcuts in Menu Bar

Has anyone had this problem? I create a shortcut and check the box to put it into the menu bar. It stays there for a while and then disappears. I open the shortcut and find that the “menu bar” box is unchecked. I am constantly correcting this on various devices for various shortcuts. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I’ve never noticed that. My custom shortcuts stay in the menu bar. So if it’s a bug it doesn’t appear to affect everyone.

I confirm this, whenever I’ve added Shortcuts to the menu bar they stay there.

Maybe there is some kind of iCloud syncing issue with another device?

They seem to disappear from the same device after checking the box. I will test that, though, to be sure.

I am still having problems with Shortcuts disappearing from the menu bar. I have 4 of them that are supposed to be there. Sometimes 3 of them disappear, sometimes all of them. I’m thinking it might be a sync issue, as they will all appear initially, then disappear from one device than others. Can’t seem to Google up an answer. Do I need to call Apple tech support?