Shortcuts iPadOS 14 Bug?

I have created a couple of Shortcut widgets for my iPad Pro (11”). One of them presents me with a list of 3 options to choose from. When I launch this shortcut with the iPad “docked” to the Magic Keyboard, the UI for the shortcut acts as though it’s in portrait mode, moves the dock to the right hand side of the screen, and drops my list of 3 options “down” from the left hand side of the screen.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?


Same here. Shortcuts is working fine, it’s the screen orientation that is odd

I’ve got that with a few shortcuts.

I saw this on one of the public betas and sent feedback to Apple. When the next beta was released this fixed the issue and it has not happened again on my iPad.

got this problem too…

Maybe this is intentional for iPad OS but I also noticed that widgets cannot be pulled out into the main screen. Kind of a bummer.

That’s intentional. Apple has not (yet) brought the ability to mix app icons and shortcuts to iPadOS.

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Bummer. I wondered if that might be true but I couldn’t see any rationale for it. So what? I’m going to want widget functionality all over the place on my iphone and then in a limited sidebar on my iPad? Seems like a weird call. :man_shrugging:

There’s lots of speculation that they just ran out of time. And if there’s a choice between iOS or iPadOS getting the cool new feature, Apple knows which side their bread is buttered on.

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LOL! Well, that’s a pretty good and funny observation. :rofl:

Is there a way for a non-beta user to submit feedback / a bug report to Apple?



Apple have a feedback site here, I think you might be able to use that to file feedback. When I sign in I see the feedback filed during the beta period but it looks like there is a button to allow new feedback.

Thanks! Looks like you have to have been in the beta to report there though. Ah well.

I’m having the same issue with the UI for shortcuts showing up on the side (as if in portrait mode) rather than at the top. It happens so randomly, that I haven’t figured out what triggers it. Does anyone here no how to fix this issue once it starts? I’ve tried closing shortcuts (swipe up), but that doesn’t reset the behaviour.