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I am not very skilled in Shortcuts. However, I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, that requires me to do something called the “Elimination Diet”. I am wanting to create a Shortcut to help with this, and store everything in an existing spreadsheet. Here is what it would need to do:

Column 1: I need the Shortcut to auto-populate the date & time.
Column 2: Would be a text field with what I ate.
Column 3: Also, would be a text field with medication taken.
Column 4: Would be a symptom checker with a scale of 1-5.
Column 5: Would be a text field for Notes.

Is this even possible? I’m in the car 6-8 hours a day, and I’m looking for an easy way to capture this information. Thank you for any help/answers.

I am not a Shortcuts expert by any means and have just started using it.

And while I’m sure that there are plenty of folks here who can help, you may also wish to post your question on the Automators Forum as well.

Good luck.

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Numbers on iOS has a forms feature. You may be able to use that as an easier way to input data until someone helps you with a way to do it with Shortcuts.

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Here’s a solution I use for my expenses tracking. It’s not great, but it works.

  • I created a shortcut that asks questions (amount, which account,…)
  • It puts the responses into a text string, separated by a tab
  • It adds the text to a Note in Apple Notes (works reliably)
  • I periodically copy and paste the text from the note to my Numbers file

I think it can be done to go straight to Numbers, but I chose this route because I was able to share the note with my wife. And it works on my Mac.

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I really appreciate it!

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Thank you so much. I thought it was possible, but I’m just starting to get into shortcuts.