Shortcuts Pinging on Apple Watch

I upped my shortcut game in earlier in pursuit of better Focus Modes. The focus modes themselves are good. The downside whenever I change focus modes my watch makes a binging noise for a shortcut being run. It is driving members of my family mad.

Short of silencing the whole watch is there an elegant workaround?

What actions is the Shortcut running? Is it a notification coming from an action in the Shortcut?

Have you turned off ‘Ask before running’ and ‘Notify when run’ in the automation settings in the Shortcuts app?

I’ve always had my phone and watch permanently on silent so I’m not sure if this is something that happens with all Focus mode automations.

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Thanks I was beating my head against the wall looking for those two toggles in shortcuts themselves when of course it was in automations.



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I feel like there’s a fun thread to be had about what volume settings people have on their devices :rofl: Pre-pandemic I was a “silent most the time” person in both. Since I now work from home I’m a “sound on all the time” person.

I’ve never had shortcut notifications on my watch though. I don’t want them, but sounds like it’s the notification instruction in shortcuts that’s doing it. I have two daily automated shortcuts that deliberately provide a notification when run (so I know they’ve completed successfully), but they run on my iPad and the notifications have never appeared on another device.