Shortcuts + Sream Deck

Hey everyone! Now that Shortcuts is on the Mac, I’m trying out some different workflows to help with my podcast editing. What is the best way to run Shortcuts I’ve created on my Stream Deck? I’ve seen articles on how to run it from the iOS version but not sure how to get it from the macOS version.

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I’ve been messing with the same problem and John Voorhees has an excellent article here with a variety of options:

I set up a bunch of buttons using the URL scheme, but I’m finding that to be an unreliable trigger and I’m now trying the apple script method.

The app method is very reliable but feels like it clutters up my applications folder.

I’d love to know what works for you!

As I’ve been looking further, there’s now a Stream Deck plugin to run a shortcut that seems to be reliable: Stream Deck App Store

For completeness, the streamdeck shortcuts plug-in was NOT reliable. I’ve switched the streamdeck to opening an apple script that runs the shortcut.

The bonus here is that I can use Alfred to run the same script so I get a twofer!