Shortcuts - Voice memo issue

Trying to create a voice memo workflow that:

  1. Records audio
  2. Saves to iCloud Drive
  3. Retrieve link to file
  4. Adds a new to do in Things with the link in the description

I keep getting the error "the file couldn’t be opened when using get link action. No idea why it’s throwing that.

I tried backing into it by reverse engineering the URL and dropping the file name in but there appears to be some random parts to the URL that I can’t make a template for.

Any ideas?

Can you share your actual shortcut? Share sheet, copy iCloud link. That way it would be possible to look at it and see what’s happening.

Thanks Rosemary!

Here is the link:

First of all:
You need to supply a correct path:
Instead of /Shortcuts/Memos you should supply path as this: /Shortcuts/Memos/

If the folder Memos doesn’t exist this error will pop up.
Solution would be to either:

  • Enable “Overwrite if archive exist” as shown in this image

or create the folder /Memos/ inside iCloud/Shortcuts/
and then specify filename or use “Ask…” like this

If you are going to save these files I recommend the “Ask…” approach

I hope this helps you further along :slight_smile:

Thanks for your note.

I added the / after memos. That folder is already created (and I can see the files being placed).

Still getting that error…


I was finally able to get it to work with a large wait the save file command - must need time to upload?

I really just want a local link though so I don’t need to wait.

Is this possible?

What happens if you save to dropbox instead of icloud? (just to troubleshoot?)

I don’t use Dropbox. I think it would work like the iCloud link is (with a long enough wait).

My goal is to just stash it in files and grab local link. It can think passively sync and I can click the reference link on any device to open. Otherwise there would be a long delay as it uploads and then generates link.

I can’t find anyway to do reference links though…?

Unfortunately Shortcuts can’t save to a pre-defined local on-device folder - for that you would have to manually select the folder the Save to… proces.

How big files are we talking - since Shortcuts seem to time-out (without doing so) when saving to iCloud folder?

The files are saving fine inside the Shortcuts folder in the /Memos folder I created.

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@RosemaryOrchard - any ideas? I’m essentially stuck because I cannot create a local link to the save location in iCloud without it generating a public link which takes a long time to upload and then return back with.

That is why I think I’m getting the error because if I add a long pause it works.

My bad - what I meant to say was that you cannot save outside the Shortcuts folder without interaction when running the shortcut😂

But glad to hear you’ve got it working🙂

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