Shortwave: Ex Google Employees make a new Gmail Client

Link to app:

Available on iOS, Mac and android

I have yet to try it but thought I’d share it here

Thank you @JohnAtl for fixing the error in the title of this post.

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So seems they synch your gmail into another service and use that.
So not a new client for gmail, but a new service that synchs with gmail

Interesting to see this come up again. The standard subscription is only a dollar less than I pay for Superhuman (edu) with a fraction of the functionality. No text snippets, undo, read reciepts, instant unsubscribe or auto-filtering (similar to Sanebox).

So, not one for me as I use those features every day.

90 day search for free users. Hmm that’s where I stopped reading further.

Search is a basic feature. If I have to fall back to another means beyond 90 days why stick with this.

This is a neat launch and I wish them the best. I sorely missed Inbox when it shut down, but good ideas from it have proliferated into many other services (such as Hey, where I use the Inbox sun as my cover art.)

I miss Inbox. When Inbox went, it was the beginning of the end of my time with Google.