Shottr: An amazing yet free screenshot utility

Shottr It’s free :smile:


  • Scrolling Screenshots on Mac
  • Pixelate or remove objects
  • Markup screenshots
  • Use it as a Screen Ruler
  • Text recognition (OCR)
  • Color picker

Seems like a great CleanShotX alternative

Since @tf2 asked, adding it here in case others might find it helpful

On a quick glance at reddit and twitter, the dev seems to be a responsible person. I have LittleSnitch and the app did not make an unnecessary requests across the network, especially once the telemetyr was turned off. The dev has also mentioned that they have removed the Google Analytics library from the code and telemetry is optional.

Quoted from the website

It also sends home telemetry to help us find bugs, measure performance and gauge popularity of certain features. Telemetry does not contain any personal or identifiable information. It’s not used for advertising or retargeting purposes, and is never sold to the third parties. There’s an option to turn off telemetry collection in the app Preferences. Earlier versions of Shottr included Google Analytics code, but it was removed in v1.5.1.


… any idea what the business model is?


It was crafted with Swift, optimized for M1, and is completely free at the moment.

It seems to be a newly (?) developed small app that is out there to get some traction. “Free at the moment” sounds like “not free in the future”. Which is totally fine and a hint to the business model. :slight_smile:

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Been using Shottr for the past few months. It is fantastic. Hope they stick around!

I feel the same. I love Clean Shot X but I don’t necessarily need it on “every” computer. If Shottr eventually settles in cheaper than 20 dollars per license then I could be in there as well.

CleanShotX is the best ‘basic screenshot’ app

If you want the best, it’s SnagIt. I’ve tried them all and SnagIt 2022 is king of the hill.
EDIT: I can’t post anymore for another 23 hours due to spam restrictions on first day but this was not an opinion. If you need annotation feature, SnagIt 2022 is hands down the best.

I think you forgot to add the words, “in my opinion.”

No app is “best” for everyone – also, at least part of the emphasis from the OP is that Shottr is FREE as opposed to $63 for SnagIt or $8/month for CleanShotX.