Should charging a MBP 14" via USB-C be a safer option than using 3rd-party Magsafe 3 chargers?

I have essentially returned to the office 4/5 days. But I have on occasion forgot to pack my Magsafe charger, from the home office. Fortunately, given the amazing battery life of the M1s, I haven’t had a major issue yet, but would prefer to get a back-up option.
Buying another Magsafe 3 charger is not currently an option > see below.

I am therefore looking at charging via the USB-C port. The largest power-adapter I can find readily, is a 65W charger – supposedly with “fast-charge”. I acknowledge that I would also need to invest in a decent USB-C to USB-C cable, or 65W will translate into 20W, or whatever an “inferior” cable is able to manage.

That issue aside though – what is the consensus on 3rd party options via USB-C? Am I correct in my assumption that since 3rd-party options, those that are well-rated in charging “other” laptops via USB-C, are becoming increasingly popular – then charging via USB-C as opposed to Magsafe should be OK?

In other words, because there are increasingly more vendors/options for charging laptops via USB-C, then well-rated chargers that do this are likely to be less problematic when compared to those 3rd-party options (with a smaller market) that offer alternatives to Magsafe 3?

If so – then going to take the plunge on a well-rated (and cheaper) 65W USB-C charger, to leave at home for the 1 day of the week I am here, and use the Apple Magsafe 3 from work, for the other 4/5 days…

Stock constraints:
Down these parts, incredibly, there is a stock-shortage of Magsafe 3(?) chargers. As in, the new-gen chargers for the 14" and 16" MBPs.

And when I say “stock-shortage”, what I actually mean is that there is no stock. None. Zip. Not via any of the official Apple resellers, or various 3rd party options. To be clear, they have the options to order locally online, but all are on back-order, with no ETA. And they have (to date) never been available in-store, either.

(Was actually told by one of the in-store techies that some new MBP owners had lost/damaged the Magsafe charger that came with their new MBPs, and were now left with zero options via Magsafe – at least, until such time that stock-constraints ease up.) Fun times.

I have my MacBook Pro 14" mostly connected to my monitor through USB-C which als charges it. The monitor can deliver 96 W which work fine and also battery charge optimisation works as expected.

The biggest (only?) difference with Magsafe is the connector used because the Magsafe cable also uses USB-C on the other end and connecting the Macbook to the 67W charger with an USB-C cable makes no difference other than the cable used. (System info shows the same charger information)

If you use a well designed USB-C charger with a minimum of 67 W I see no problem.


Appreciate you taking the time to reply. This is comforting – and since it is intended as a fall-back option, will most likely only be used in a pinch!

As a reminder, the newest MBA can only be charged via USB-C as there is no Magsafe port to charge with. Presumably, the MBP uses the same system for charging via USB-C.

As for what is “safer” its hard to say. First, the actual charging circuit is in the machine itself. Thus, the same charging circuit is used regardless of which power supply is used or which port it’s connected to. The power supply is only that, a power supply. Therefore, any power supply which delivers the advertised power should be safe so long as that power is within the specifications of the machine. The problem is with non-certified power supplies which don’t actually deliver the advertised power. However, anything that is UL listed should be fine.

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I’m really happy with the return of MagSafe, but one of the truly glorious things about USB-C is that it can be used to charge Macs without relying on Apple’s chargers.

Just throwing in my agreement that any reputable USB-C charger + good cable can be used to charge the new MBPs in place of MagSafe with it making no difference at all to the Mac.

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Late to the party. Why not flip the constraint.

USB-C Charger on your desk, which is presumably safe i.e. no stepping on cords, pulling MBP off the desk.

MagSafe charge now goes in the bag/briefcase so you can never forget it.