Should I buy the 15-inch M2 MacBook Air or wait for the M3? Help me decide!

I am currently using a 15-inch 2015 MacBook Pro, which has a wonderful design but hasn’t been as dependable for me as my older Macs (a 2006 first-generation Intel MacBook Pro and a 2012 MacBook Air that still works!) I’ve been waiting eagerly for the 15-inch Air as I don’t feel like going back to a smaller screen and all the Apple Silicon Macs seems more than powerful enough for my needs (browsing the web, email, spreadsheets etc.)

However, I’m in a bit of a dilemma after reading about the upcoming M3 Air. It looks like the M2 to M3 upgrade is going to be far more significant that the M1 to M2 one with the move to 3nm chips. The only other features that I would like that the current Air lacks are WiFi 6E and a nicer screen (not sure about the latter though as those seem to be reserved for the Pros.)

My current laptop works but has been making a strange sound since many years and the battery is shot. I basically have to keep it plugged in all the time or keep looking at the battery indicator. I guess it could hobble on for another year though.

Would love to hear what you guys think. Should I wait for the next-generation MacBook Air or just get the 15-inch M2? Thanks!

  • :+1: M2 MacBook Air
  • :warning: M3 MacBook Air

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… reading about the upcoming M3 Air

I voted for the M2 MacBook Air. That is if you want to get a new Mac today. I have some issues with naming the “M3 MacBook Air” an upcoming product. I really do not understand why “tech press” is making a big deal out of Mark Gurman’s report of 2024 MacBook Airs. Right now, we are in 2023. With Apple having moved all Macs to “Apple Silicon”, I expect them to release updated Macs on a regular basis. I am not Mark Gurman, but yes - there may be even a M4 MacBook Air in 2025! :wink:

You always will be able to get something better and more interesting eventually if you keep waiting. If you are in the market for a 15 inch MacBook Air, you are able get the newest and shiniest, freshly released MacBook Air. Today.

There may be a new model early or late 2024. If you need a new MacBook Air in 2024, it may be an option to wait for 2024.

If you need/want one now: go for it! :slight_smile:


There will always be a faster laptop in the future. If you need or want one today, buy it today. A shift such as the introduction of the M processors is not expected in the foreseeable future that is worth waiting for.


Not that much to add here, if you need it now, buy it now.

One thing you could perhaps consider is the type of workloads you would be running. I feel like the trend with newer Apple silicon chips is improving multicore performance for creative work like video edition, etc. So if you are basically doing any other type of work the performance difference between the current M2 and a future M3 would not impact that much.

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At this point, for most use cases, any M-Series Mac is going to be more than fast enough, and from what I’ve read the M2 15-inch is fantastic. I’m betting you’d be happy with it.

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There is always an „upcoming“ Model with „better, higher, shinier“!
If you need, or want(!), a new one now, buy it now
If not, wait for the M3 (or Mx) you think fits best for your needs.

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It’s a bit strange asking this question: there will always be a new shiny tomorrow. That means you’d never be able to buy something.

If the M2 air fits your needs: buy it?

Fwiw: I still happily use my 2015 macbook pro.

And when sw updates end in the summer will move it to Opensuse tumbleweed (linux) and enjoy a few more years of great use. Less e-waste!


10 If you need a new computer, buy it now.
20 If you don’t, wait.
30 Goto 10


Wait! I heard a rumor from a friend of a friend, who knows a guy, that in just a couple of years the Apple Vision Pro will have merged with the MacBook Air into a simple pair of flip-up sunglasses for less than what an iPhone costs today!

Sounds good, huh? You owe it to yourself to wait. :slightly_smiling_face: And wait …

Thank you all for chiming in. This makes it quite clear and validates my thoughts going in!

Yes, that is so but I was wondering whether this is likely to be a significant enough upgrade to merit a hold call. I would put the shift to Apple Silicon (certainly) and widely rumored and significant redesigns (such as the 2019 MacBook Pro) in that boat.

Another question for you guys! Which charger do you recommend? I’ve read conflicting things about long-term impact of using more powerful chargers but am leaning towards the 70W one as I reckon it will be more useful than the 35W one. I plan to get a smaller, multi-port Anker one as a secondary charger for the office/for when travel anyways.

  • 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter
  • 70W USB-C Power Adapter

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I am waiting. I have a Intel MacBook Pro 16" 2019, highly specd. It has more power than I can use and is working fine, my 2014 whatever is still working quite well too though only takes Catalina

From now on my policy is going to be replace when the one I have breaks. I probably will go for a 13" M2 MacBook Air, which according to the DEVONthink 3 guys will do everything I need on that and that is everything I need more or less. I say it often here now but I will again, it is now several years since any bottlenecks for me were on Hardware or inernet connectivity as such. Or software really to be honest. In consequence I find I am less and less aware of the changes coming down the pike at Apple.

a 13 " is big enough for me to write on and read papers etc. and use the Safari sites I do etc…

Whatever is available at the time is what I will get though in practice. This year that would be the 13" M2 MacBook Air. Maybe, if the mood takes me, a 15" screen though? Always dilemas :grin:

10 Wait 1 month
20 If new computer needed THEN
30   GOTO 70
50   GOTO 10
70 Buy new computer
80 Wait 2 years
90 GOTO 20

Any Apple Silicon Mac is going to blow your mind compared to your older Intel Mac. It’s seriously that different. I think Apple has stagnated for many years with their incremental changes to iPhones, iPads, etc. :yawning_face: But when I got my M1 Air, it was jaw-droppingly better. In fact, the M1 Air is still my daily driver. I do have an M2 Air but it’s not noticeably better than the M1 performance-wise IMHO.

Another plus is the M-Airs feel much more solid than the old ones. That may just be me though.

However, do note it will spoil you. So if you continue using an older Mac as well, be prepared to feel a bit of “Why isn’t this instantly on like my M-series Mac?!?”

PS: One complaint I have is the Midnight Black shows fingerprints like crazy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


There will be speculation of M4 MacBook Air next year.

You need it today. Buy it today

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