Should I disconnect Apple Pencil Bluetooth when not using?

I find my Apple Pencil loses charge without me using it. Seems like (but probably conincidence) that every time I want to use it, it has no charge.

I’m wondering if I’m supposed to remember to disconnect it from the iPad’s BlueTooth Connection when storing when not in use?

Or other tricks to stop losing charge during non-use? Or maybe it’s a flawed device.

Which Apple Pencil?

The first gen will disconnect itself from Bluetooth after being inactive for a while. This is why you have to re-pair it occasionally. It will still deplete over time. The Apple Pencil is a computer and it is always on, there’s nothing you can do about it.

The 2nd gen solves this problem with its wireless charging solution.

So in short, you wont see any benefit in manually disconnecting it.

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Same question: which version?
My “v2” can’t lose a charge since it is always connected to the iPad that charges it.