Should I turn on FileVault on my new M1 16 in MacBook if I use Backblaze?

Somewhat newbie setting up new M1🥳…I’d never heard of FileVault. Will Backblaze still be able to back up my computer if I turn FileVault on? Thanks for anyone who knows…

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Hey, you shouldn’t have any issues running Backblaze with FileVault enabled. The only caveat, and I’m guessing you weren’t going to do this anyway, is that you need to be logged into the computer (booted up and inside one of your user accounts) to run Backblaze—if you backup the drive another way, it won’t be able to see the data. Bottom line, you’ll be fine mixing FileVault and Backblaze and shouldn’t worry about it. If you want to test whether Backblaze is working correctly, just browse your backup. If you can see your files and folders, you’re doing it right.

Official version of this:

FileVault on Macs with M1* processors and T2 security chips means something a little different than for older machines. On these, the internal SSD is always encrypted, whether or not FileVault is enabled. FilleVault further encrypts the disk encryption key using your password to derive that secondary encryption key. If the user running the Backblaze backup software is logged in, then it’ll just work (it does for me).

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