Shout out to Nomad Gear

I knew of Nomad, which does premium cases, chargers, Apple watch bands with a kind of “classy / adventurer / but more on the classy side than truly adventurous” vibe. Mostly leather articles, a bit pricey but still reasonable; I have their 3-in-1 charger and was very happy with the quality:

I indulged myself during their yearly Black Friday sale and changed my iPhone 11 Pro Max Otterbox crystal case (which plastic is not aging well) for a leather one, and added an AirPods and iPad cases to the mix. Once again, I am extremely happy and impressed with the quality; the look and feel of the materials are top notch and it definitely gives a very classy, businesslike-but-still-casual-because-you-know-I-hike-on-weekeds look.

Thoroughly recommended if you want accessories that look and feel great to complement, for instance, a good-looking desk set.


They make the best cables I’ve ever used. Kevlar wrapped. and the Base Station Pro is amazing.