Shout out to the Solar Dial Apple Watch face

I don’t follow watchOS updates closely so I only just discovered it. I think it’s wonderful. I love the original Solar Graph face but this one is on a whole ‘nother level. During the winter it helps to know how much sunlight there is left in the day (if any) when I finish at work.




100% AGREEE.

My favourite watch face. So beautiful and also very useful.

The way it shows the seconds in the middle watch is also something I find very useful.

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Agree – it is my favorite face.

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It is very slick!

I fell in love with my watch all over again just because of it…

It is both useful and pretty but more than that, it makes you really look at the time from another perspective.

I also like how it manages to remain pretty sober while showing 4 complications on top of all the watchface-specific interactions (day length, seconds ticker, daylight scroller).

Kudos to whoever made it

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Thanks for highlighting this watch face. I had not played with it before I saw your post and now it’s my default. Thanks!

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Thanks for calling this out, I hadn’t seen it.

I started using this Watch face after hearing about it here. I decided to use it for a timelapse video.

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Interestingly enough, I had discovered this watch face just a few days ago and have changed over to it. I also really like the look of it.

Is this available for a Series 2? I can’t seem to find it in the Face Gallery.