Shout Out to Timing App (MacOS)

I just want to hop on here to give a shout-out to Timing, the time-tracking app for MacOS. I installed it because I have Setapp, and never really look at it. But I’ve recently been working on a project that racked up a lot of hours, and I haven’t been tracking them because I usually work on a per-project basis. (These have been more like “tweaks,” so all that time got away from me.)

Anyway, it’s winding down and I had no idea what I’m going to bill for it. (I’m really not usually THIS horrible a business person.) So I loaded up Timing and entered a keyword into the search bar to see what would pop up. It showed me a pretty detailed list of the times I had documents with that keyword or websites with that keyword open, and it seems to be pretty accurate. I won’t be going all loosey-goosey like this on purpose, but I have to say I am very impressed with what it was able to find and track. This is going to be getting a lot more use in the future.


Thank you for the testimonial. It’s recommendations like this that bring me back to considering Timing again. It is very useful.