Sidecar vs. duet?

Anyone on Catalina (beta or release) who can compare Sidecar in actual use with Duet?

Comparing Luna against Sidecar for me is easy - Luna works and Sidecar doesn’t.

Sidecar just throws an error and seems to crash out.

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Duet seem a bit more stable but I did not see any major difference.

Sidecar seems to have more control over the Mac throught the iPad but Duet allows for touch control (Sidecar allows only mouse and pencil).

Sidecar has worked well for me, running betas on iPad and MBP. I haven’t had a crash. Duet has been fine as well, but looks like it got Sherlock’d.

Duet went though a rough time last year (macOS changes broke it) but seems to have recovered. It works fairly well.

Sidecar was effortless to set up and is unbelievably smooth over WiFi. Going forward, Sidecar will be what I use.

Some of this depends on your use case. You can’t initiate a Sidecar session from an iPad (you have to start on the Mac). So it’s not really workable if you’re running a headless Mac. Another thing to consider is that even wirelessly Sidecar will only work in proximity to the Mac, whereas Luna Display will work anywhere on the same WiFi network. Again, not really an issue if you’re using Sidecar as a second monitor, but it may be a problem if you’re trying to access your Mac from another part of the house.


I use it when working remotely and being able to use Sidecar without having to find a WiFi network is a huge advantage over Luna. I love being able to just tether my laptop and then connect the iPad using Sidecar, getting internet and external display at the same time, especially in cafés where I don’t like using insecure WiFi networks.

It also works much better than Duet wirelessly. Duet gives me loads of lag while Sidecar is much smoother and more reliable.

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