Sign in with google popups appearing everywhere

Not really a Mac question, except that I’m looking for a Safari friendly solution. It would also be more fun to speculate widely about hardware that may or may not appear for years.

Background in recent months many websites have offered a popup allowing me to sign in with google. Sites that I would never in a million years want to sign in on.

Other sources (

  • Assume I run chrome
  • ask me to browse in a Private Window, ughhh
  • tell me to signout of google - except that I sometimes need to work on google docs in webbrowser.
  • use uBlock Origin - I’ve made sites unusable before with this tool

What are you using ti stop google from driving you mad?

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StopTheMadness fixes this, I believe. ‎StopTheMadness on the Mac App Store


Open your Google account settings at Select Security in the left sidebar. Then select Signing In to Other Sites then Signing In With Google.

Turn off this option there:

If you have more than one Google account, repeat this for each account.



I appreciate this!
I have several Google accounts, and it never seems to stop despite my disabling it.
I’ve also been unshortening my URLs using, which is a bit of a pain. $14 for the bundle of Stop the Madness and Link Unshortener is a no-brainer.

I run Google Workspace in Google Chrome. I use Edge or Safari for everything else and clear the cache after each browser session. I just ignore "Sign in with . . . " and use Immersive Reader/Reader Mode whenever possible. Every blocker, etc. I’ve ever used had “undesirable side effects”.

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Another approach is to create a CSS file with the following contents:

iframe[title="Sign in with Google Dialog"]{
    display: none;
    position: relative;

And then set this CSS file as a custom style sheet in Safari’s settings:


Seems to me this is a desperate move from Google in response of the end of 3rd party cookies and the failure of their attempts to use federated machine learning to anonymously track users behaviour. Probably publishers are getting heavy discounts on Google Analytics and GMP if they accept to display that obnoxious pop-up.

Google Analytics is a free service.