SIM card for travel

This is probably a very basic question but I’m going abroad next month (Morocco) and think getting a SIM for a local carrier would be a good idea. Is it just a case of buying one and swapping it with my normal one when I get there? Any other tips welcome.

Generally, as long as your phone is unlocked, yes.

This is an excellent resource for prepaid SIMs:

Yes, you can buy a prepaid SIM very easily in Morocco. When I visited a few years ago, the airport arrival hall had various counters for the local mobile carriers where you can buy SIM cards (at that time they were giving away free SIM cards with a small allotment of credit as a promo). They will activate the SIM card for you on the spot after checking your passport. You can buy or top up SIM cards in mobile carriers’ stores or small convenience / tobacco stores which are easy to find in cities. Costs are very cheap in comparison to the US or Europe.

Thanks for your replies.

Depending on where you are living, there are also services within your country, you can use to get a SIM-Card from them, to use abroad.
I am always careful with showing my passport and payment informations together in a foreign country. While not everybody and everywhere is misusing them, there are chances that a tourist will not be able to distinguish between serious offers, and those who are merely interested in your data.
And, if there is something going wrong, it is, in most cases, better to be able to get to a court within your country, than abroad.

Are there any baseband hardware differences between phones sold in different markets to be aware of? Like, having a device built in the US would make it impossible to use with certain local mobile carriers on the destination?

BTW, @Richallum enjoy your tripto Morocco and check Chefchaouen if you can!

I think, that stopped a long time ago.
While the world, in early times of the Mobile Telephones were pretty much divided into to different zones,

pretty much all Phones I know so far are able to use all frequencies. Also with the LTE and 5G Bands (if available on the phone anyway).
Here is a list of the iPhones from 14 down to 12, with LTE and 5G

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