Simple Audio Editor

I have a podcast, and I use GarageBand for the cleanup and fancy editing (adding music, into & trailer, etc.) But sometimes I just need to do simple snips and cuts to an audio track, most often to excise a section of an episode for an audiogram. Can anyone recommend an app that would fit the bill?

Audacity is very well known, free and cross-platform, and has been around for a long time.

Ocen is free too.

Reaper is a digital audio workstation that you can use for free (sells for $60 if you register it).

I’ve owned and used Rogue Amoeba’s Fission ($32) since it first came out 10+ years ago. It offers fast, lossless editing and is simple, powerful and beautiful to work in. These days I use it mainly to create ringtones for my iPhone, lol.


I fully agree with Fission. I use it mostly for getting audiobooks segments to the length I like (roughly 30 minutes). Some audiobooks come in very short segments, 3-5 minutes. I combine them. Others come in 1 or 2 segments, so I split them. Fission’s Smart Split makes it relatively easy to do this.

Get their free download and run the trial.

FYI for joining audiobooks I recommend Audiobook Builder ($4.95, PDF manual here) which you can get from the Mac App Store or directly from the developer. You can create custom chapters/chapter name, custom artwork, and have it save directly to iTunes. I’ve used it for years. Download from the dev and unregistered it will let you try it out by joining the first 20 minutes of your choice of audio and optionally saving to iTunes.

I use TwistedWave for simple edits, although it is quite expensive on the Mac. I like the fact it is available for iOS and has a consistent interface on all devices. I find it well built, extremely fast and intuitive to use. For more advanced edits, I have always used Audition.

Audacity is free and does the job.