Simple, but unknown tricks?

Most of my work is working in FileMaker Pro databases and spreadsheets, so I’m pressing tab all day. However, it wasn’t until just recently that I learned that pressing Shift -> Tab allows me to go back a cell. I can’t believe I’ve worked this long without knowing about this simple trick. Do any of you guys have simple tricks that you use all the time but other people don’t know?

In Finder I use Shift Command Period to toggle on/off show hidden files. I went a long time not knowing that one.


In a lot of places where text can be entered on macOS (and Linux, etc.) pressing Ctrl+t will transpose the two characters on each side of the cursor.

Other EMACS-style shortcuts may be available too. For instance, when typing this, I can press Ctrl-a to go to the beginning of the line. Ctrl-e to go to the end.

Command + right arrow to go to the end of the line
Command + left arrow to go to the beginning of the line
Option + right arrow to go to the next word
Option + left arrow to go to the next word
Shift + Command + right arrow to select everything from the cursor position to the end of the line
Shift + Command + left arrow to select everything from the cursor position to the end of the line
Shift + Option + right arrow to select the next word
Shift + Option + left arrow select to the next word


Adding shift to a key combination that normally moves you forward by one to go back one instead is pretty common. Shift + Command + Tab will move you back one in the app switcher on both Mac and iOS. Shift + Option + Tab will move you to the previous tab in Safari.

Searching for specific keywords on a webpage in iOS Safari: simply tap the address bar at the top, where it will become a search bar, and type in your desired search keyword. At the bottom of the lists of searchable items you will see “On This Page” with your search item beneath it. Tap this and it will take you to every instance of your word, much like Command+F does on your Mac.

Voila! No more endless scrolling and scanning to find something on a page ever again :+1:t2:

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Also available as a share sheet, with no need to clear what’s in the address bar.

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Or by hitting Command + F on an attached keyboard.

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This my go to thing that I tell people who are shocked that’s how to do it. It’s sort of weird there isn’t a GUI way to do that

When saving files, ⌘D to go to Desktop, ⌘⌥L to go to the Downloads folder.


I learned the save to desktop trick earlier this year from David Sparks (On MPU). I get a frisson of delight every time I use it :slight_smile:

I just discovered (after all these years) that rectangular text selection works in some places on macOS, such as Terminal, and in Notebooks. I’ve been using it in TextMate, and even copying text to TextMate when I needed to do this. TextMate does a bit more, allowing you to edit multiple lines at a time, but this is great to have around!

If you’d like to see it in action, choose between hideous flashy website, or tiny grainy embedded video.