Simple email client for iOS (like Apple Mail, only separate)


I have an email account, which I do not want to include in the unified mailbox in iOS. As I did not find a way of excluding this (is there one? Please let me know), I disabled that account in the email accounts, and am looking for a separate email client to monitor this account.

I only need a very simple imap email client, no additional folders created, no filtering, no bells and whistles.

Is there a simple email client like that for iOS?


Interestingly, the Outlook app is quite straight forward. It doesn’t create any additional folders, and once Focused Inbox is turned off, it’s simple and straight forward I’ve found. Works with IMAP accounts. I know prefer it to Spark and other mail apps.


I’m a fan of Outlook app as well. You can use almost any other email app (even the gmail app allows you to add other accounts like icloud, outlook, yahoo, and imap)

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Protonmail, why? security

I don’t believe you can access non-protonmail accounts from the protonomail app. The OP was asking about an email client and not create a new email account.

There’s Spark mil. I use it to monitor a gmail account I never use for anything serious.