Simple Smart light setup

I’ve barely dabbled in home automation but now I have a real need.

I want to turn on a light/lamp in my room using Siri (I think). I had to move the lamp so I can no longer use the light switch by the door.

I’m wondering what my options are. Hell, I just thought about The Clapper. So in reality, it doesn’t have to be Siri, I just need a simple solution.

I don’t have a HomePod or Appletv.

Buy a cheap HomeKit compatible power plug; plug in the lamp, and then use Siri on your iPhone, iPad or Mac to turn the lamp on/off. Meross is a cheap option and will work immediately if set up through the Home app.

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This was my initial thought, but I believe OP would need a device to be the HomeKit hub, such as an iPad, Apple TV or HomePod , the later of which OP does not have.

Many devices that use Wi-Fi will function without HomeKit or a hub, such as Wemo outlet switches.

The Wemo WiFi Smart Plug lets you control your electronic devices right from your phone or tablet. The Smart Plug uses your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of lamps, fans, and more—with no subscription or hub required. Simply plug the Smart Plug into an electrical outlet, plug a device into the Smart Plug, and control your device using the free Wemo app or by using your voice with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.*

You can also eliminate the phone, apps, etc. and just get a remote controlled outlet for about $15 US.

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A part of me feels like I could go super simple like a remote control outlet or again, something like the clapper. I don’t have any current need to start an automated Home hub.

This isn’t the clapper but a remote “light switch” for an outlet (no Wi-Fi or automation, but it is straightforward). Got one like this in my kid’s room, it’s simple and solid.

DEWENWILS Remote Control Outlet Wireless Wall Mounted Light Switch, Electrical Plug in On Off Power Switch for Lamp, No Wiring,100 Feet RF Range, ETL Listed,Programmable

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take a look at the Ikea Dirigera Hub , it is the latest Hub that has thread and zigbee support and future prove to Matter in the future. It is compatible with their series of Tradfri smart bulbs and dimmers, switches, etc. Generally they are entry level devices but quite cheap

While the app may not be the most powerful, it is sufficient for most day to day use.

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I hope I’m not being pedantic, but the first thing to clarify is exactly how you want to control the light.

Voice, app, physical switch, automation (works without user intervention).

They who will be using it - only you - or others in the home/visitors that may or may not be using the Apple eco-system.

Typically, many people want a mix of some, but not all, of the above.

Example: Ok to be monoculture Apple only, or need to accommodate kids and family members that prefer Android or other phones?

Example: Would like to have a voice and physical control (buttons), prefer or don’t prefer using an app on a smart home, desktop, or tablet.

Budget is always a consideration

Eco-system - standalone or beginning of a larger build over time of a smart home system. (For Example, a hub is a more significant expense for a one-off standalone solution, but as a foundation for a growing system, can be a more cost-effective investment overall.)

You are right and ultimately, I think because I don’t see other reasons to dive into home automation, I’m just going with a basic switch.

No sure if helpful, but with a Pi you can do a lot of home automation.

I’ve got Tapo plugs that I use through the Pi to context to HomeKit.