Simplest/best way to connect to a headless Mac on my network?

For a while I’ll be juggling a couple Minis on the desk. What’s the best way to connect to the headless one and see and manipulate the screen (not telnet or ssh)? This will all be in the same house, same network.

I’ve used VNC and similar tools in the past on Windows, but not sure if there’s a better way on Catalina?

Thanks in advance!

I use the built-in screen sharing utility to do exactly this. I run a Mac mini as a server and manage it this way.

There are tools with more bells and whistles, but Screen Sharing does what I need. Via VPN on the mini, I can manage it remotely too, if I need to

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Oh perfect, I think I see. I wanted something simple and ideally built-in. Thanks!

I use “Jump” software, that I learned about on these fora, and I keep a cheap HDMI dongle plugged into the headless mac. Works pretty well.


I’ve used the built-in Screen Sharing for years to connect to 2 Mac Minis and 2 laptops. Works great!

Dont’ forget to connect them to your network with ethernet, turn off the WiFi.
In power settings enable restart after power failure.