Single Calendar, Multiple Colors?

Is there a calendar app that will let me keep all my events on a single calendar, but color events (or event categories) differently? For example, my classes might be one color, social meet ups another, etc.


Fantastical just implemented the feature in the latest release, but I’m not sure if its locked to the new subscription or an upside of Flexibits directly integrating with Google Calendar.

WeekCal (also shows up as Week Calendar) lets you set up rules to color events based on content.

Calendars 5 (Readdle) (iOS) will let you color individual events but AFAIK there is no “category” option.

I can do this in outlook.

In BusyCal, this is allowed by adding tags (which color an event).
For a detailed description and examples see:

Lots of options and some from apps I already have and didn’t realize that they offer this feature. Thank you!


I didn’t realize this either, so thank you for asking the question.

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This is a new feature of Fantastical 3.

Assuming you aren’t one of the folks who are planning to burn them at the stake for switching to a subscription.

:+1: That’s the one I went with. Works great!