Single monitor - Two Computers

Hey Gang,

I’m starting a new job next week which will require a “work” computer. I would like to have a single monitor connected to my personal computer (2017 13" MBP) and my new work computer (it will be a laptop of some sort, not sure what though. I’m told once I start I can request an Apple).

I want to be able to quickly switch between computers. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks!

This may help How to Use 2 Computers Within One Monitor

I use a HDMI switch to share a monitor between multiple computers. I started with two (personal Mac and work Windows laptop), an HDMI switch, and a SwitchBot (as the HDMI switch is not within reach). I now have four computers connected to the HDMI switch, and the new switch has a remote so I no longer use the SwitchBot for this (I use two SwitchBots to turn on two old Mac minis tucked away under my desk).

Of course, this set up depends on your equipment having HDMI. HDMI switches are commonly available as they are used to connecting devices to TVs as well. Switches for other display connectors are not as common.

Some discussion in an earlier thread starting at this post:

I use two keyboards and mice, one set each for my personal and work machines. But I could use a single pair and switch between systems. Something to consider based on your use case and desktop space.

Good luck sorting things out.

I bought one of these a couple years ago.

KVM Switch

It works well. I plugged a USB hub into it as well so my web cam and speakers run off it. Click the button, same keyboard, mouse, and web cam work on both computers.