Siri adding widgets to stacks

Every now and then, Siri “adds” a widget to one of my Widget Stacks. Something I don’t want. You can’t remove the added item it just stays there for a while.

This really pisses me off. I can’t find anything but does anyone know if it’s possible to switch this off please.

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Edit Stack then switching off Widget Suggestions should help.

With iOS 15, you can turn on Widget Suggestions, so apps you already use can automatically appear in your Smart Stack at the right time based on your past activity. An option lets you add the widget to your stack so it’s always there when you need it. Just follow steps 1-2, then tap Widget Suggestions to turn it on.

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I’ve done that multiple times and it doesn’t work/stick.

Hm. Is Smart Rotate also on? I’ve switched off both options for all my stacks and they now always stay exactly as I left them and how I want them.

I’d love Smart Rotate to work. On one of my stacks, I have two widgets. One shows train times for travelling into work and the other for travelling home. As you’d guess, I rotate to the correct one every day I’m in the office before travelling either way.

They never change, it’s always the one I last looked at (i.e. last time I travelled)

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Can you perhaps try recreating those stacks where you keep seeing suggestions as normal stacks i.e. not as Smart Stacks? Perhaps there’s a glitch related to how they were initially created.

I had this exact same issue, and gave up diagnosing it after a while. Instead, I went back to single-item widgets. (I know that’s not a solution, but wanted Geoff to know he wasn’t alone)

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