Siri ‘announce messages’ gone?

When the first public beta (maybe 2nd?) came out, I turned on for Siri to announce my text messages when they come in and I’m wearing my Powerbeats pro. It was quite convenient since I wear headphones a lot while working. However, it seems to have disappeared.

Has this feature actually disappeared or am I missing something? I’m currently up to date on the public betas.

Make sure Settings > Messages > Announce Messages With Siri is on (and you’ve selected from which contacts you want to have messages read). If it is on, try flicking it off then on again (and maybe even restarting your phone too).

That’s the weird thing, it isn’t even showing up as an option there.

Oops, sorry. That’s in iOS 13.

The joys of betas! I used to have it, but I’m not seeing it on Beta 5.