Siri command to AirPlay audio to Mac?

I know it’s a long shot, but…anyone out there know of a way to ask Siri to play my audio from my iPhone to my Mac? I’ve tried a few incantations, but haven’t yet found anything that works.

I’m not sure if this will work, but it’s an analogous case. I have a HomePod Mini in my home office, but I prefer the sound on the Sonos One, which supports AirPlay 2.

I’ve (unimaginatively) named the Sonos speaker “One.” So my voice command is “Hey, Siri, play {name of playlist} on One,” and it does what I ask.

So if I were to try playing the audio to my MacBook Air, I expect the command would be, “Hey, Siri, play {name of playlist} on Benden.” (In the spirit of this thread, my network is Pern, the MacBook Air is Benden, the iPad is Telgar, the iPhone is Ista, and the headphones are Harper Hall.)