“Siri Could Become More Like Chat-GPT This Year: Here's How” | We Shall See

Though hopeful, I’m not confident. We shall see.

Everything is an improvement from here. Siri is so laughable bad. I love CarPlay but the fact that it relies so much on Siri makes it a painful experience day after day. Thankfully my new truck also offers Alexa as an available voice assistant, and while by no means an Einstein it’s at least tolerable and doesn’t induce road rage.

Which is maybe better than Siri, yet so much more annoying (“…did you know…”). Having devices with all 3, I really don’t think Siri is that much worse than the other 2. Google is the best, but I would take Siri over Alexa.

iOS 17.4 was another step backwards for Siri. I gave up hope that it would improve years ago.

“Apple was the first major tech company to launch a voice assistant back in 2011. But a common criticism of Siri is that it’s struggled to compete with Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and, more recently, ChatGPT-powered assistants.”

Not sure i’m buying into the whole “struggle” part. Siri’s problem wasn’t really the quality of the results it was not making errors on input. I’ve seen enough independent “bake offs” that show the voice search engines are all pretty similar and the minor differences are the realtime corrections on input which in my experience are top class amongst the three.

ChatGPT being dropped in is nothing but a name drop.

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Personally, I think that is a huge part of it, and when we make these comparisons I wonder how much the hardware is what mattered. Echos are pretty good at hearing you and possibly fixing errors of what it did hear to give an answer. So the device you are using has a huge impact on it. My biggest frustration with Siri is I have 3 iPads, a MBP, and one iPhone listening, and they often choose the wrong one to answer (I say "Siri, turn off the lights from the kitchen, but the iPad furtherest away answers sometimes, and get it’s wrong).

I really couldn’t care less if Siri could answer the trivia stuff so many of these tests seem to focus on. I just want them to add something to my grocery list, set a timer, or turn off the lights. I don’t need AI for that.

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I would love to see on device Siri functionality. I could say skip to the next podcast… and magically it would happen without any server processing. With the current state of affairs, I hardly use Siri because of the frustration level.