Siri doesn't know me

I’ve been an Apple Music subscriber since the beginning and I’ve been using Dark Noise for white noise the last couple years. In recent months as Siri is attempting to match my preferences, 90% of the time I say “Hey Siri, play XXXXXX song” she responds with “XXXXX song is not in Dark Noise” so I have to explicitly ask her to play the song in Apple Music.

I don’t see any way to set a default music player, but this drives me and my family CRAZY. It’s pretty sad that our Amazon Echos can handle this no problem, but my iPhone with its first party music player cannot figure out that I only ever use Apple Music for music.

Anyone else sharing in this frustration?

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Siri has always been a bit schizophrenic but maybe this will help.

Yeah, even after updating to iOS 14.3!

I don’ have a HomePod :slight_smile:

Same problem on 14 and 15.

I just discovered I had the same problem. When I asked Siri to "play music” it launched Overcast and played a podcast.

So, try this. Press the side button to launch Siri, then say “Play Apple Music”.

That reset the Music app as default on my iPhone.

Didn’t work for me. Still trying to play everything in Dark Noise. Why does Apple have to be so cute here? A setting for default music app would take care of this.

That would be too simple. Last suggestion, have you tried deleting Dark Noise? Perhaps that followed by the “Play Apple Music” trick would be worth a try?

You can reinstall DN whether it works or not. Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3:

Yes Siri tries to play Bruce Springsteen on overcast for me. No idea why.

“Siri, do you know who I am?”

“Sorry, playing XXXXXX.”