Siri, er, apologizes

I was driving yesterday, using Apple Maps via CarPlay for turn-by-turn instructions. At one point, Siri said:

“In 10 miiles … er, hold on, sorry, in 9.9 miles turn right on route 412….”

It sounded like such a natural apology that it took a while to realize — wait, was that Siri apologizing for the directions? And, what was the mistake, anyway?

Has Siri ever corrected itself in mid-sentence for you?

No, but I can think of a couple of times it should have apologized for where it was sending me. :upside_down_face:


That was awesome–left me laughing as I can relate!! :joy:

I can think of many dictated messages I had to apologize for :flushed:

Siri’s iOS dictation is bad enough still, that it sometimes make me feel like I have a speech impediment. :rage:

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I bet it was dynamically adjusting to report the .1 mile you drove since asking the question.

I’ve also heard it apologize a couple of times. I forget why. I asked it something around the house, and it started to answer (with a correct answer, no less) before it stuttered, then said “Sorry, trying again. [Answer].” I can’t explain those, because it had half-stated the correct answer before it restarted.

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