Siri Frustration Venting

And yet Siri will occasionally say she doesn’t know who I am when I ask her to “take me home”. It’s starting to look like no boomer will ever see her reach her full potential.

Yeah. I’ve even seen things with Siri where it gets the text right, but the result is wrong. Like it’ll hear “set a 90 minute timer”, I’ll see that on the screen, and then I’ll get some sort of error. I’m really hoping future iterations get better.

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Is that a multi-user voice identification problem? What steps do you take when you run into that issue in particular, or do you just have to repeat yourself? Just curious.

She’s done this to me a couple of times, and I am the only user. She asks who is this, I say my name, and it works.

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I mean…I know she has millions of friends, but I’d like to think Dunbar’s number wouldn’t apply to Siri. :wink:

Single user, correct address, “My Card” selected, strong signal, etc. In years past it worked on first try, almost every time, on both my 6S and my current iPhone 11. I’ve rarely used it since Covid, but was recently driving around in an unfamiliar area, just killing time, and it failed when I gave the command. Since then I’ve tried it a few times with mixed results.

As a test, while in my home, I asked Siri “Where am I” and got the correct answer immediately. Then I asked “What is my home address” and got nothing for 2 or 3 seconds, then something like “One second” . . . . “Working on that” . . . then finally the correct address. The GPS is working, the correct info is in my contacts, and Siri can’t put it together. Something has changed.

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